Meaning of Codependency|How to Read The Romance Angels Oracle Cards

I will Introduce the meaning of “Codependency" in the Romance Angels Oracle Card and explain how to read it.

Codependence is by no means a good relationship in love or life.

Each has its own life and cannot afford to carry the life of others.

People in such a state are often unaware of it, so this card has a lot of messages to make it noticeable.

Meaning of The Card

If You Are Dating with Someone

Where to Focus

Pay attention to the sun shining in the distance.

How to Read

What impression does the sun have on you?

Think about whether the sun is rising or the sun is about to set

The sun is rising

If you think the sun is rising, you have a very good relationship with your partner.

It means that the roles of making the other party are switched on a case-by-case basis, such as when one of them goes forward and the other goes down.

It is also a sign of equality.

The card tells us that good relationships will continue by communicating with each other with an awareness of discussions

The sun is going down

Those who thought the sun would set would say that they had a one-sided relationship.

One continues to depend on one and the other continues to support it.

It’s not a healthy relationship because they lean on each other.

The card tells you that you can build a balanced relationship by getting into the habit of doing your own thing.

If You Are Not Dating with Anyone

Where to Focus

Pay attention to the facial expressions of women.

How to Read

What kind of emotions do women have?

Assuming she is imagining the future, think about whether she has positive or negative emotions.

Positive emotions

Those who imagine having positive emotions such as fun and hope show that they have the power to live their lives on their own feet.

However, it seems that you may be dependent on others because you are too solid.

The card tells you that you can meet partners with the same idea by clarifying your position and dealing with others.

Negative emotions

People who imagine having negative emotions such as despair and anxiety mean that they are highly dependent on others.

It means that they want to live by relying on others.

This parson is so dependent that he seems to be considered a hassle by the people around them.

The card tells you that by dealing with what you can do, you will lose your dependence and you will have a partner who can support you.

Case Study

Let me introduce a person who is deceived by a bad partner and has a hard time.

The client seems to have felt an overall dark image from the card.

The client said that the woman was financially anxious and the sun in the distance seemed to move away from her money.

The client also had financial problems, which seemed to be apparent.

When I asked the client about the impression of the card, the keywords “money" and “money" popped up many times.

That’s how much the client is obsessed with money.

The card tells you to visibly control the inflow and outflow of money. Then you will not have to worry about money.

As a result, the mindset will expand and the ability to see the humanity of the partner will be cultivated.

Kasumi Saotome

After working as a psychological counselor, I am currently working as a spiritual therapist. Originally, I had the ability of psychic, so while making the best use of that ability, I help to solve problems and consultations by acting as a bridge between various people and higher-level beings.

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