Meaning of Honeymoon|How to Read The Romance Angels Oracle Cards

I will Introduce the meaning of “Honeymoon" in the Romance Angels Oracle Card and explain how to read it.

Many people think of marriage when they think of a honeymoon. However, the honeymoon that the card shows is “the departure of the soul."

Since romance is deeply related to soul growth and departure, it needs to be interpreted in a very broad sense.

Meaning of The Card

If You Are Dating with Someone

Where to Focus

Pay attention to the white round object floating in the sky.

How to Read

What does the white object in the sky on the card look like?

Imagine whether it is the moon or the sun

It’s the moon

If you imagine it as the moon, it indicates that your current relationship is being questioned.

“Is it okay to continue this relationship?"

“Can I really be happy to marry this person?"

That question is beginning to spring up in your heart.

If you stay away from your partner for about a month and devote yourself to something other than romance, your feelings will become clearer and your doubts will be resolved

It’s the sun

If you imagine it as the sun, it represents a strong love for your partner.

It means that I have a strong will to marry this person. However, it also suggests that the will is too strong and the partner is pulling.

Keeping pace with your partner will deepen your bond and advance the concrete story of marriage.

If You Are Not Dating with Anyone

Where to Focus

It’s a good idea to pay attention to the boatman who has feathers on his back

How to Read

Two people are sitting with their shoulders close to each other in front of the ship.

Can the boatman with white feathers on his back be visible from these two people?

Imagine focusing on what the boatman can see or not

The boatman is visible

If the boatman feels visible to them, you are more likely to meet a partner.

The fact that you can see the boatman with angel wings is a sign that you are looking at the people around you with your heart’s eyes.

You will meet a wonderful partner in the near future by continuing to stare at the people around you with a straightforward feeling, without being bound by your own ideals.

The boatman is not visible

If you feel that the boatman isn’t visible to them, it means you’re unaware that you’ve met someone who might be your partner.

You are too tight on your ideals and your field of vision is quite narrow.

Once you let go of your ideals, value “fun" and interact with various people, it will be easier to notice the encounter.

Case Study

Introducing the consultation of clients who are impatient to not progress to marriage with his partner.

The client paid attention to the building. He said the building was very dark and gloomy. It felt like a haunted house.

This means that he doesn’t really want to marry his partner.

He concentrates solely on the keyword “marriage" and cannot portray concrete happiness with his current partner

The card tells you to enjoy your romance first.

Marriage does not come unless you really enjoy the romance because there is a marriage after the romance.

Kasumi Saotome

After working as a psychological counselor, I am currently working as a spiritual therapist. Originally, I had the ability of psychic, so while making the best use of that ability, I help to solve problems and consultations by acting as a bridge between various people and higher-level beings.

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