Meaning of Let Go Of Control Issues|How to Read The Romance Angels Oracle Cards

I will Introduce the meaning of “Let Go Of Control Issues" in the Romance Angels Oracle Card and explain how to read it.

In love, you unknowingly try to control everything. People are anxious when something outside their scope happens.

However, the card reports that it has the opposite effect on romance.

Meaning of The Card

If You Are Dating with Someone

Where to Focus

Pay attention to people other than angels.

How to Read

What is the relationship between the man, woman and child depicted?

Imagine if a woman and a child are mother and child and a man is a stranger, or if three people are a family.

This man is a stranger

Woman and a child are mother and child, and those who imagine that only men are others indicate that they are worried about their relationship with their partner

You suspect that your partner is having an affair.

Did you hear such a story about your partner, or did you happen to see it?

Take the courage to ask your partner about what you are worried about.

The card tells you that your courage will turn the situation around

These three are a family

Those who imagine that the three are a family are likely to be happy, such as the decision to get married soon.

It means that your feelings of security are conveyed to your partner, and that each other values each other’s existence.

Expressing your gratitude and joy in words will deepen the bond between the two and speed up the timing of marriage.

If You Are Not Dating with Anyone

Where to Focus

Let’s pay attention to the three angels.

How to Read

How do the angels feel about the three people?

Imagine if the angels are anxious and worried, or if they are happy and joyful and cheering.

Angels are worried

Those who imagine that the three angels are worried may have missed the chance.

You are too cautious about romance and are not open to your heart.

If you do not open your heart, the other person will not be able to convey your feelings to you.

Listen to and read stories about happy romance. This will give you a positive feeling and make it easier to seize opportunities.

Angels are feeling joy

The person who imagined that the three angels were joyful and cheering for them represents the current situation where they are over-shifted.

The person who imagined that the three angels were joyful and cheering for them represents the current situation where they are over-shifted.

It means that you are attracted to many people because your ideals are not clear.

Clarifying your ideals will help you target and help you find a partner.

Case Study

Introducing the consultation of clients who are uncertain about marrying their current partner.

The client said that three people were about to divorce.

It seemed to the client that the woman was trying to move away from the man with her child.

This means that the client is not willing to marry. Clients may want to prioritize other things than marriage.

In this case, the card is trying to convey the honest feelings of the client and leave it to the partner as a shortcut to happiness

Kasumi Saotome

After working as a psychological counselor, I am currently working as a spiritual therapist. Originally, I had the ability of psychic, so while making the best use of that ability, I help to solve problems and consultations by acting as a bridge between various people and higher-level beings.

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