Meaning of Make The Effort|How to Read The Romance Angels Oracle Cards

I will Introduce the meaning of “Make The Effort" in the Romance Angels Oracle Card and explain how to read it.

The only way you can win in life is by taking action. The same can be said for love.

The card tells you that by taking action, the gears of fate will move and you will be able to grab happiness.

Meaning of The Card

If You Are Dating with Someone

Where to Focus

Notice the relationship between the two children.

How to Read

What is the relationship between the two children depicted on the card?

Focus on and imagine if it’s related or if it’s a stranger.

blood relationship

Imagining these two children to be related shows that your desire to marry your partner is real.

It means that you want to get married because you really love her partner, not because you yearn for the word marriage.

The cards also indicate that your partner shares the same feelings, so there will be more specifics to come up in the near future.


If you imagine that these two children are strangers, it means that your feelings are one-sided.

It means that your love for your partner is so strong that he withdraws a little.

If you look for ways to socialize that are not too restrictive, you will find a balance and your relationship will go well.

If You Are Not Dating with Anyone

Where to Focus

Please pay attention to the dog at the girl’s feet.

How to Read

How does the dog feel about the two children?

Try to imagine if he is trying to protect the girl or if he is enjoying the relationship between these two children

trying to protect the girl

If you imagine a dog trying to protect a girl, you are afraid and suspicious of love.

Because the feelings this dog has are representative of the feelings you have.

If you remove the framework of “romance" and make an effort to interact with many people for the purpose of making friends, you will find that romance is also fun.

pleased with the relationship between these children

If you imagine a dog enjoying the relationship between two children, you are open to love.

However, in other words, this also means that there is a feeling that “anyone who likes me is fine".

You can have a happy relationship if you try to be careful about people who are overly friendly when you first meet them

Case Study

Let’s introduce the consultation of the client who had the problem that there is no one who really likes her.

The client imagined that this girl didn’t hate this boy, but that she didn’t want him to stick around.

This means that the client sees the other person only as her friend, not as a romantic interest.

The card says that by clarifying her ideals and writing them down on paper, she can notice people who really like her.

Kasumi Saotome

After working as a psychological counselor, I am currently working as a spiritual therapist. Originally, I had the ability of psychic, so while making the best use of that ability, I help to solve problems and consultations by acting as a bridge between various people and higher-level beings.

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