Meaning of New Love|How to Read The Romance Angels Oracle Cards

I will Introduce the meaning of “New Love" in the Romance Angels Oracle Card and explain how to read it.

If taken literally, it can feel like an irrelevant card to someone who already has a partner.

However, this card also includes the meaning of “new face" and “new discovery"

Meaning of The Card

If You Are Dating with Someone

Where to Focus

Let’s take a look at the angels that flock to women.

How to Read

What are the three angels who gather around the woman trying to do to her?

Focus and imagine if the angels are trying to protect the woman or are they cheering for her.

Trying to protect

If you imagine three angels trying to protect a woman, it indicates that your love for your partner is waning.

You may feel that your partner is in a rut. Because there is no stimulation, the affection is fading.

If you give your partner what you want him to do for you, he will respond to your expectations and love will come back.

Cheering for her

If you imagine three angels cheering a woman on, it indicates that your partner is on the verge of drifting away.

There is a slight difference between your love and your partner’s love, and you are being too one-sided.

By taking actions and behaviours that prioritize your partner’s thoughts, you will be able to bring back your partner’s feelings.

If You Are Not Dating with Anyone

Where to Focus

Pay attention to her facial expressions and attitude.

How to Read

How does a woman feel when a man presents her with a single flower?

Focus on and imagine if she is happy or annoyed.


If you imagine a woman pleasing, chances are you are in love with love.

It doesn’t mean that you really want to fall in love, but that you have a strong desire to have a passionate love affair with anyone.

Being in love with love can be gullible, so be clear about your ideals. Then you will find the perfect partner for you.


If you imagine that this woman is annoyed, it means that your ideals are too high and you are missing the chance to meet.

In other words, the lower your ideals, the more chances you have of meeting someone.

Let’s take another look at your ideals. You will notice a wonderful encounter by leaving only what you can never give up.

Case Study

I will introduce the consultation of the client who had the problem that the person he likes falls in love with his friend or acquaintance.

The client said that three angels are interfering. He felt that three angels were trying to stop this woman from romance.

This means that the client is not able to cherish the relationship with people. He sees everyone he meets as his enemy.

He will be able to attract the ideal partner by being grateful for all encounters.

Kasumi Saotome

After working as a psychological counselor, I am currently working as a spiritual therapist. Originally, I had the ability of psychic, so while making the best use of that ability, I help to solve problems and consultations by acting as a bridge between various people and higher-level beings.

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